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Was the Queen of Sheba really black?

  The unnecessary confusion around Queen of Sheba´s color.

It would have been understandable that Theologians through history would question and ague about  the origin and actual copmpletion of the skin of the Queen of Sheba´s skin, if there hadn´t been any hints or information in the Bible concerning the matter. This specific passage of scripture however is unfortunately not the only case, where the words are so clear and basicly impossible to misunderstand and still the majority of the educated Pastors and Bible commentaries doubt it, twist it or refuse to admit it´s existence.

This is how the Queen of Sheba intoduces herself in the Holy Bible which we believe is inspired by God:

Son 1:5  I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
Son 1:6  Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.
When you want to know something about a person, you usually listen to what they have to say about them selves. To learn how to listen before you speak is of great importance in order to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of a certain subject.
To judge a person because of the color of their skin, is like judging a book by it´s cover, it´s just not a wise thing to do.
Since the only true way to get to know a person´s character is to listen to them just as the only way to know the true content of a book is to actually read it for yourself. Don´t just draw a verse here and there out of it´s context, just to get upset about it, if you want to get taken seiously. Educate yourself in a subject beore you join a discussion about it. Why build your opinion on rumors? Get ready to arm yourself with the truth!

Having read the whole Bible for myself, I`ve come to this conclusion: God is not a rasist, but many people are! The Bible is a book written for all nations,  people of all colors and nationalities are represented in this book, and considered equal in the light of the Gospel.
God´s chosen people in the old Testament were the Jews exclusively, forget about the old black and white issue it has nothing to do with it. God´s original plan of salvation is all about Jesus Christ. Jesus the son of God, equal with God, was sent into the world by the Father where He was sacrificed on a cross for our sins, He was raised from the dead on the third day, and since then all nations are saved through faith in Him, because it pleased God that all men should be saved thru faith in Jesus Christ and not by works,origin or class, anything else is a lie.

Racism in the Bible?

Certain Bible verses have been abused, and drawn out of  context through history, passages have been wrongly misused to harm and opress people. For example where Noa in the old Testament cursed his son Ham. That passage from the Bible has been used by so called "Christian rasists" in order to opress and enslave the people of the African continent. That type of interpretation of scripture is of course totally contrary to the message of the Gospel which means "Good News".The last words of Jesus Christ before he went up to heaven was "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost".Mat 28:19

There has been much confusion among teachers who represent both the secular and the spiritual world-view when it comes to race for centuries. The Bible is clear on the fact that there is just one race: the Human race! The universial beauty ideals have for a long time been those of white people with straight hair. My question   is: Who decided that africans are seen as less important, less competent or less beautiful in God´s eyes than white people in the light of the entire scripture? Why should the beauty ideals of the western world in the past or today be of any importance to someone who interprets the Scriptures? God didn´t inspire the scriptures to please the ideals of man, He did it for is own glory. God created all men totally equal, made in his image. As a matter of  fact the Bible it self  referes to the Queen of Sheba as "The fairest among women"! I did not just make that up to make black women feel better about themselves, it is written right there in the Bible for all to see. Did you know that the word Ethiopia is used over 300 times in the Bible? The word Ethiopia in Greek means; The land of they with burnt faces, that means black people, basically meaning all sub-Saharan Africa. Did you know that the wife of Moses was an Ethiopian? Queen Candace in the new Testament was an Ethiopian woman , did you know that the first Ethiopian Christian was a eunuck who was baptised by the aplostle Philip, who was one of the twelve desciples of Jesus. There are of course some Theologians and Pastors who accept these scriptural facts, but some still want to argue and deny the actual "blacknes" of for example the Queen of Sheba, even though the Bible is clearly speking for it self on this matter. - I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.Son 1:5

In Holy Bible the Queen of Sheba herself says that she was black and beautiful, should we then doubt it? I have never heard a Pastor doubt that neither Queen Esther, Bat-Shebah or Avishag were beautiful Jewish women, nor that King David and King Solomon where beautiful to look up on, also Jewish men with "ruddy" light complecton. Unfortunately on the other hand as I have read Bible commentaries from old explaining how the Queen of Sheba must have been of Asian origin, with  light brown skin, since a black woman never could have been described as beautifully. Hence most  pastors still argue that she was not really "African-black" but perhaps fom Aisian or Arabian origin. It is a fact that during the time of Queen of Shebas reign Etiopias borders were different from how it is today. The ancient Ethiopia or Abysinia was a rich great Empire which included SaudiArabia. However if a black woman rules a country which includes both the Axumite kingdom in today´s Ethiopia and Sheba in Saudi Arabia it doesn´t change the fact that the Bible sais that she was black. Just because an African woman lives in Europe it doesn´t make her white right? The  history and cultureof today´s Ethiopia is rich of documentations of the link between the Kings of Ethiopia and the Solomonic Kingdom. Somehow it looks as if the western religous world just doesn´t want this Queen to have been black, some don´t seem to agree with the fact that it pleased God to use a black African woman to be a part of  his demonstration of the love betweeen Christ and his church, which is a traditional interpretation of the song of Solomon. They also don´t seem to like the fact that she was an intelligent black woman who traveled far to ask King Solomon hard questions, which shows us that she had a great interest in spiritual things. The Bible also indicates that she was a Queen with great dignity and integrity who brought a great amount of expensive gifts to the King. This black Queen ruled an Empire and became the greatest love of King Solomon and people just can`t believe it.The question is: If we can`t believe a small detail like that of the color of a womans skin, then how can we believe the truth of the Gospel?

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